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Transportation companies tap mobility data to make informed decisions and plan routes

In my most recent blog I discussed how mobility data can give supermarkets and other retailers insights that can guide their decisions and marketing post-lockdown. But data-driven decisions are essential for organisations of all kinds, especially in the transportation sector, especially at this time.

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Unlock the value of data for decision-making in challenging times

Digital transformation and the drive to deliver closer integration between online and off-line shopping was already a clear challenge for fast-moving consumer goods companies. But the unexpected crisis of 2020 has posed even greater difficulties, and companies are planning now how to adapt. It’s more important than ever to recognise how data, specifically mobility data, can guide business decisions.

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The power of data to solve the Digital Transformation Challenge

This article is also available in Italian / Questo articolo è disponibile in Italiano.

The transformational power of data has been well documented, however, less than 50% of organisations are using it to drive efficiencies. Data as an asset is still very much in the "early adoption" phase says Gartner. This means that companies making strategic use of their data have a competitive advantage. In the second in our Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts, we look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is helping organisations grasp that advantage and harness the power of their data.

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