Driving the Best Performance from Private Networks

This decade is all about performance, and enterprises will compete and win on their ability to deliver faster, with more efficiency and better communication right across the organisation.

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The Internet of Secure Things: How resilient does an IoT network need to be?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is comprised of a hugely diverse range of devices, from smart consumer gadgets to sophisticated solutions that operate in utility, industrial, manufacturing and defence systems. Given the massive breadth and scope of IoT infrastructures, organisations will need to raise their security game to a whole new level to reap the benefits of IoT without risk.

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The power of a reliable communications infrastructure in the age of digital transformation

The real strength of any communications network lies in its ability to maintain essential business communications while at the same time facilitating technological advancement. And with enterprises today firmly focused on digital transformation, their core infrastructure has never been more important. In the sixth article in our Digital Transformation series of blog posts, we take a look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is working with enterprises to harness the power of their communications network.

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SD WAN is a critical building block to overcome the digital transformation challenge

Digital transformation is literally transforming the way enterprises do businesses, but more than that, the shift to digital is causing a deep revolution at the heart of organisations around the world. The very foundations on which companies operate – the network – is being overhauled to enable this digital transformation. In the fourth in our Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts , we look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is helping companies implement SD WAN as a critical step in their transformation projects.

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A strategic partnership - A Q&A with Telefónica and CKH IOD

This article is also available in Italian / Questo articolo è disponibile in Italiano.

In March we announced our strategic partnership with Telefónica and the new opportunities and enhanced capabilities that would be generated for large enterprise and MNC customers across our respective geographic footprints as a result.

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