Why latency matters in 5G private networks

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The new world of work for large campuses: private networks

Private networks are fast becoming synonymous with enabling digital advancement, particularly in sectors with large campuses that have struggled to find a connectivity solution they can rely on. In our latest infographic we highlight some key ways in which organisations are making the most of their private networks.

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Fast-tracking the move to digital services in 2021

Digital transformation in some sectors has been underway for over a decade, but there’s never been an accelerator like COVID-19. The immediate changes that were forced on people and businesses in 2020 have given proof to digital investment business cases that would have previously required extensive research and a reasonable acceptance of risk in order to implement.

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Here’s how private networks are powering digital transformation across industries

Private networks, and increasingly 5G private networks, are the powerful backbone behind digital transformation in some of the world's largest industrial companies. With low latency, high availability and broad coverage, 5G is fuelling the move towards automation. It’s also helping these companies to embrace the new industrial revolution and implement advanced technologies on their very own networks, throughout their extensive campus environments.

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5G private networks are powering the agile business

In the ever-evolving business landscape the successful organisation is agile and has the know-how and capacity to adapt. Sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Ports, Airports to Energy are using technology to help them to react quicker to market conditions, competitive pressures and extraordinary global events. Richard Hart of CKHIOD highlights the way in which these verticals are embracing 5G private networks to drive through digital transformation.

Digital transformation doesn’t look the same in every organisation. For some, reimagining core elements of the business comes more easily, while in more traditional sectors, this level of change is profoundly uncomfortable.

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Transforming the enterprise demands a stable foundation

Digital transformation initiatives are showing results across industries, and while strong leadership and a clear vision of objectives are vital for success, so is a flexible communications infrastructure. This is the case no matter which sector an enterprise is in. Digital transformation is also business transformation, potentially a complete change in how an organisation connects to locations, suppliers and partners -- and this brings its communications infrastructure centre-stage.

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Tackling the digital transformation challenge in 2020 demands new capabilities

We wrote last year about the ongoing complexities of the digital transformation challenge, and it's still true that this kind of fundamental change is difficult.

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Driving the Best Performance from Private Networks

This decade is all about performance, and enterprises will compete and win on their ability to deliver faster, with more efficiency and better communication right across the organisation.

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Accelerating global trade in the port of the future

Today's ports are facing mounting challenges. The rise of the megaship with its massively increased container capacity and sheer size has created bottlenecks in ports all over the world with vessels regularly experiencing longer waiting times. As megaships become more prevalent and global trade continues to ramp up, ports are turning to technology to streamline operations and speed up the unloading and loading process.

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Tomorrow's airports will deliver an enhanced customer experience

Airline passenger figures have hit an all-time high, surpassing 4.5 billion people.  An increase in low-cost airlines, the growth of the middle class and a boost in airport infrastructure spending have contributed to this phenomenal growth. But as the number of passengers continues to grow, airports are poised to become busier, queues longer and the customer experience more stressful. So how can technology transform the airport experience?

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