Getting fit for the future means choosing cloud and an enterprise network that keeps pace with change

The historical model of the enterprise, with in-house staff based around a corporate headquarters and a handful of branch offices, is a good fit for traditional enterprise technologies: including a wide-area network that lets offices collaborate as one and share central resources.

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SD-WAN Cloud Enterprise Networking

SD WAN helping businesses become more flexible and agile

Businesses across the globe are pushing forward with digital transformation projects as organisations look to increase efficiencies, become more flexible and equip themselves to react quicker to change. From changing work practices and rolling out widescale remote working to introducing new products or services, companies are looking to SD WAN to drive these changes.

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SD-WAN Connectivity Remote working

SD WAN is a critical building block to overcome the digital transformation challenge

Digital transformation is literally transforming the way enterprises do businesses, but more than that, the shift to digital is causing a deep revolution at the heart of organisations around the world. The very foundations on which companies operate – the network – is being overhauled to enable this digital transformation. In the fourth in our Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts , we look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is helping companies implement SD WAN as a critical step in their transformation projects.

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SD-WAN digital transformation Enterprise Solutions

The Digital Transformation Challenge: making progress demands a practical approach

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The past couple of years have been dominated by talk of digital transformation. From keynote speeches to boardroom meetings, it's been a recurring topic. But for all this talk, implementing digital transformation, particularly on an organisation-wide scale, has been a slow burner. In this Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts we'll take a closer look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development's joined-up approach is helping organisations overcome the digital transformation challenge.

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