Why Every Global IoT Deployment Needs eSIM

Global IoT services can prove challenging for organisations to implement efficiently, cost-effectively and with certainty throughout the device lifetime. Fortunately, eSIM makes this go-anywhere, always-on connectivity feasible.

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Zero Touch Global Connectivity – Unlocking the Benefits of IoT

For multinational companies looking at rolling out IoT devices globally, the challenge often boils down to one key aspect: connectivity. How do they ensure each device works the same way in each territory? For IoT managed services firm Eseye, ubiquitous, out of the box, zero touch connectivity is the Holy Grail, the missing piece that will accelerate IoT worldwide. Ian Marsden, Chief Technical Officer and founder of Eseye explains how the company and its partners are working towards making global connectivity a reality and why that's so important to the growth of IoT.

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IoT Partnerships Virtual SIMs

Accelerating global trade in the port of the future

Today's ports are facing mounting challenges. The rise of the megaship with its massively increased container capacity and sheer size has created bottlenecks in ports all over the world with vessels regularly experiencing longer waiting times. As megaships become more prevalent and global trade continues to ramp up, ports are turning to technology to streamline operations and speed up the unloading and loading process.

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From source to shelf: Automated supply chains in action

Imagine a completely automated supply chain where processes combine with technology solutions to deliver products without any human intervention. A consumer places an order, the order is transmitted to 3D printers that print the final product using additive manufacturing processes. The completed order is then retrieved by a robot and packaged ready to be placed onto a self-driving truck. The truck leaves the production plant and drones are dispatched through a rolltop roof to deliver the products while the truck is in motion.

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The Internet of Secure Things: How resilient does an IoT network need to be?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is comprised of a hugely diverse range of devices, from smart consumer gadgets to sophisticated solutions that operate in utility, industrial, manufacturing and defence systems. Given the massive breadth and scope of IoT infrastructures, organisations will need to raise their security game to a whole new level to reap the benefits of IoT without risk.

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Three Austria accelerates IoT adoption with the launch of Narrowband IoT

In a move that will accelerate the adoption of IoT nationwide, Three Austria has launched Narrowband IoT. Three Austria is initially making the technology available to selected companies before rolling out the network country wide in mid-July.

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The Digital Transformation Challenge: making progress demands a practical approach

This article is also available in Italian / Questo articolo è disponibile in Italiano.

The past couple of years have been dominated by talk of digital transformation. From keynote speeches to boardroom meetings, it's been a recurring topic. But for all this talk, implementing digital transformation, particularly on an organisation-wide scale, has been a slow burner. In this Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts we'll take a closer look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development's joined-up approach is helping organisations overcome the digital transformation challenge.

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IoT has the power to re-energise high street retail

Today’s consumers expect personalised services and products that suit their individual situations and needs. They are also starting to expect meaningful and contextual interactions through their preferred digital channels and devices. For retailers with brick and mortar stores, this means grabbing hold of the opportunities that will drive better engagement, create new sales points and build brand loyalty.

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What can we learn from the Nordics about IoT?

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in what we now know as the “fourth industrial revolution” and the “second digital revolution”. By the year 2020, it is estimated that the number of connected devices in use worldwide will reach 20 billion.

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on machines and data. Analogue equipment is gradually being replaced with sophisticated devices, able to generate constant streams of valuable data, control processes, monitor environments and make predictions.

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Data analytics and the connected car: Part 2 - Capitalising on connected car data

In Part 1 of our data analytics and the connected car series, we talked about the role that data will play in driving transformation across the transportation industry and in particular, connected vehicles.

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