In the year of unthinkable operational changes, what other digital transformations are possible?

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2020 - a year of the impossible: previously it was unthinkable that most employees would work exclusively from home. This begs the question: what other digital transformations may be possible in your enterprise?

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What's in store for digital signage in 2020 and beyond?

The digital signage market is poised for substantial growth in the next five years with the retail sector leading the charge in adopting this technology. We chat with digital signage, marketing technology and retail experts Harry Horn of Scala and parent company STRATACACHE, and Marco Salvetti of CKH IOD to find out how digital signage is changing the face of retail and what impact the technology will have. 

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Retail digital transformation

Digital transformation takes on new importance for retail

Never before have consumers turned to the online channel for shopping as much as they do today. With retailers suddenly needing to cater for much heavier volumes online, it raises new questions about how successful a retail organisation is at delivering omni-channel customer service which is centered on the customer's need.

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Retail digital transformation

5G private networks are powering the agile business

In the ever-evolving business landscape the successful organisation is agile and has the know-how and capacity to adapt. Sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Ports, Airports to Energy are using technology to help them to react quicker to market conditions, competitive pressures and extraordinary global events. Richard Hart of CKHIOD highlights the way in which these verticals are embracing 5G private networks to drive through digital transformation.

Digital transformation doesn’t look the same in every organisation. For some, reimagining core elements of the business comes more easily, while in more traditional sectors, this level of change is profoundly uncomfortable.

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Utilities: the IoT trendsetters

For utility companies, digital transformation has a unique complexity and urgency. With dispersed infrastructures, including network elements that may be decades or even centuries old, it's challenging for utilities to achieve business objectives and meet regulatory requirements, which in the UK include a net-zero carbon emission deadline of 2050. And as regulated entities, utilities don't set their own prices, so driving efficiencies is the only way to realising a profitable business.

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Unlock the value of data for decision-making in challenging times

Digital transformation and the drive to deliver closer integration between online and off-line shopping was already a clear challenge for fast-moving consumer goods companies. But the unexpected crisis of 2020 has posed even greater difficulties, and companies are planning now how to adapt. It’s more important than ever to recognise how data, specifically mobility data, can guide business decisions.

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Ensuring business continuity with cellular backup and end to end network visibility

For robust network connectivity, where there is often a seamless transition from a fixed line to a cellular network in the event of an outage, a high level of sophistication, visibility and control is required behind the scenes. Richard Taylor, IoT Business Development Manager with CKHIOD, explains how a cellular backup network with granular control is transforming the service resellers can provide to their customers.

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Transforming the enterprise demands a stable foundation

Digital transformation initiatives are showing results across industries, and while strong leadership and a clear vision of objectives are vital for success, so is a flexible communications infrastructure. This is the case no matter which sector an enterprise is in. Digital transformation is also business transformation, potentially a complete change in how an organisation connects to locations, suppliers and partners -- and this brings its communications infrastructure centre-stage.

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Tackling the digital transformation challenge in 2020 demands new capabilities

We wrote last year about the ongoing complexities of the digital transformation challenge, and it's still true that this kind of fundamental change is difficult.

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The power of a reliable communications infrastructure in the age of digital transformation

The real strength of any communications network lies in its ability to maintain essential business communications while at the same time facilitating technological advancement. And with enterprises today firmly focused on digital transformation, their core infrastructure has never been more important. In the sixth article in our Digital Transformation series of blog posts, we take a look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is working with enterprises to harness the power of their communications network.

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