The power of a reliable communications infrastructure in the age of digital transformation

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September 23, 2019
Fabiano Cavaletti

digital transformation Enterprise Solutions

The real strength of any communications network lies in its ability to maintain essential business communications while at the same time facilitating technological advancement. And with enterprises today firmly focused on digital transformation, their core infrastructure has never been more important. In the sixth article in our Digital Transformation series of blog posts, we take a look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development is working with enterprises to harness the power of their communications network.

While headline technologies like the Internet of Things, intelligent analytics and augmented and virtual reality make the news and stir up excitement in digital transformation projects, the underlying communications network is working away quietly in the background. It's busy doing its job of supporting all of these digital innovations and making sure they are able to perform consistently.

Always-on connectivity is not debatable

In this always-on environment where we live and work, there is an expectation that connectivity is always there. For enterprises, the alternative is inconceivable. Loss of mobile coverage can mean not being able to make that urgent call to a customer. Network downtime can mean emails go unanswered. Failed data uploads could mean errors in customer databases. Not being able to log in to the company VPN while out of the office could have a significant impact on productivity. These are all daily tasks that are so commonplace that the very idea of not being able to complete them is almost unthinkable.

An enterprise's communication infrastructure operates largely behind the scenes. It makes all of these necessary connections possible - whether that's voice calls (fixed or mobile), uploads to the cloud, machine-to-machine data sharing, email or instant messaging. Sounds simple, right? But not every company is the same, and not every enterprise has the same requirements.

One size does not fit all, so each network is designed and built to meet specific requirements, from always-on mobile connectivity to MPLS powered WANs.

At CKH Innovation Opportunities Development we work with customers of all sizes across all sectors. Some enterprises have locations dotted around the world and need to have reliable connections between all their sites. Others have a largely mobile workforce who need to collaborate on the move, while others are looking to introduce new processes as part of a digital transformation project. One size does not fit all, so each network is designed and built to meet specific requirements, from always-on mobile connectivity to MPLS powered WANs.

Network engineers are tasked with architecting and building robust infrastructure that is fit for purpose now but is also future proofed for technological advancements. And as we’ve seen in the earlier blog posts in our Digital Transformation series, enterprises are investing heavily in digital transformation projects and need a powerhouse infrastructure they can rely on.

Building the backbone of your business

And that's where CKH Innovation Opportunities Development shines. We have the ability to provide an end-to-end service that delivers the very backbone of an enterprise's communication infrastructure.

We worked with a European retailer , that needed a core Wide Area Network (WAN) on which it could build an intelligent digital signage system that could be rolled out across multiple locations. We supported an energy company that required a dependable wireless network capable of powering machine-to-machine gas and electricity metering, as well as Unified Communications and a IoT solution.

As digital transformation marches ever onwards and more critical applications are moved to the cloud, the solidity of the network has never been more important. Because our operating companies own their networks, we have the advantage of being able to assure our network performance through proactive management. Our SLAs ensure that any faults are fixed within an hour, which means our customers' heartbeats can maintain their even, steady rate.

Through our global network of operating companies and partners we have gained invaluable knowledge that we pass on to our customers. It's through these success stories that we see first-hand how transformative a reliable, high-performing communications infrastructure can be. True, the traditional communications infrastructure might not make the headlines, but without this solid foundation enterprises would not have the confidence or ability to embrace digital technologies at all.