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In the year of unthinkable operational changes, what other digital transformations are possible?

2020 has been a year of the impossible; six months ago it was unthinkable that most employees would work exclusively from home. This begs the question: what other digital transformations may be possible in your enterprise?

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Tackling the digital transformation challenge in 2020 demands new capabilities

We wrote last year about the ongoing complexities of the digital transformation challenge, and it's still true that this kind of fundamental change is difficult.

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The Digital Transformation Challenge: making progress demands a practical approach

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The past couple of years have been dominated by talk of digital transformation. From keynote speeches to boardroom meetings, it's been a recurring topic. But for all this talk, implementing digital transformation, particularly on an organisation-wide scale, has been a slow burner. In this Digital Transformation Challenge series of blog posts we'll take a closer look at how CKH Innovation Opportunities Development's joined-up approach is helping organisations overcome the digital transformation challenge.

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