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Why latency matters in 5G private networks

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Private Networks 5G Low latency

Stepping into the future workplace with smart building systems

Building management systems have long provided a way for organisations to manage their energy usage, but new, smarter systems are opening up the doors to greater control and insight, and offering organisations the tools to confidently step into the changed workplace.

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Building management systems BMS

SD WAN a true enabler of digital transformation

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SD-WAN digital transformation Automation

The new world of work for large campuses: private networks

Private networks are fast becoming synonymous with enabling digital advancement, particularly in sectors with large campuses that have struggled to find a connectivity solution they can rely on. In our latest infographic we highlight some key ways in which organisations are making the most of their private networks.

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digital transformation Private Networks Automation AGVs Robots

How 5G private networks shine in a campus environment

Private networks based on 5G technology have revolutionised operations at large campuses such as ports, manufacturing plants and airports. With faster speeds and throughput rates, lower latency and extended coverage, 5G private networks have replaced WiFi in many of these environments and ushered in a new era of connected and automated machines.

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IoT Partnerships Virtual SIMs

Here’s how private networks are powering digital transformation across industries

Private networks, and increasingly 5G private networks, are the powerful backbone behind digital transformation in some of the world's largest industrial companies. With low latency, high availability and broad coverage, 5G is fuelling the move towards automation. It’s also helping these companies to embrace the new industrial revolution and implement advanced technologies on their very own networks, throughout their extensive campus environments.

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Private Networks Automation 5G