IoT in Utilities & Infrastructure

An Expert View

IoT in Utilities & Infrastructure: Expert View

When it comes to IoT for utility and infrastructure companies, smart meters are just the beginning. In this video, two of our IoT experts discuss the rapid transformation that’s changing the industry.

Advances in technology make it possible to deploy sensors underground with a ten-year battery life, and software-only IoT vastly increases the scale of sensor networks.

But to make the most of IoT, utility and infrastructure companies need a strategy that places as much importance on data analytics as it does hardware deployments.

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Changing the game with NB-IoT

For utility companies that need every single smart meter they own to connect, regardless of where they are deployed, NB-IoT is the perfect solution.

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IoT in Utilities & infrastructure

For utility companies, there is a wonderful world of “what ifs” waiting to be discovered and explored. Discover more in our e-guide.

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