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IoT in Transport & Logistics:

Take Your Ambitions Global

Endless Possibilities.
No Limits.

We are journeying into a future that will be shaped and driven by connectivity and data. Wherever there is a connected sensor or device, there is real-time intelligence ready and waiting to drive smarter decisions and transform the once unthinkable into the “great, let’s do this”.

IoT is so much more than machines talking to other machines. It’s about devices, sensors, data analytics, software-based networking and applications, all connected and all communicating through a diverse ecosystem of technologies that together are transforming the world of life and work as we know it.

From autonomous driving and smart city infrastructure to real-time management of assets in retail, agriculture, logistics and more, IoT is here, it’s growing and it cannot be ignored. For businesses operating at the brink of the IoT revolution, it’s an exciting time and a time that promises endless possibilities with no limits.

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

In a world increasingly driven by innovative solutions, disruption must be welcomed and acted upon. Disruption prompts new ideas, technological advancements and drives a competitive spirit. It’s the only way to survive and thrive in today’s global digital economy.

Creating disruptive business models and responding to unmet customer needs are critical business imperatives. With our IoT expertise and technology, businesses everywhere in every industry can harness the competitive and operative advantages that IoT has to offer. Disruption must be welcomed and acted upon — it's the only way to survive and thrive.

Disruption must be welcomed and acted upon — it's the only way to survive and thrive.

Your Business in a Whole New Light

For Transport & Logistics companies, there is a wonderful world of “what ifs” waiting to be discovered and explored. IoT presents many opportunities, but strategies need to be built on solid ground and robust solutions. Once you have the right foundation in place, you can start reimagining your business from the ground up.

Returns of IoT

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Improvements in asset utilisation

Operational returns of IoT

  • Safer, more secure transport
  • More predictable maintenance
  • Greater control of moving assets
  • Better insight into global supply chains

So, what if you could do this...


Transport & Logistics companies have been able to track their moving assets for a long time, but challenges remain. How can you do this reliably, securely, and seamlessly across the globe?

Global rolling SIMs and improved international roaming agreements are helping build connected supply chains where borders matter less and less.

And this end-to-end visibility of data, and the insight that comes from analysing it, means that companies can make better decisions about maintenance, routes, security, and finance.


IoT in Transport & Logistics is about more than making your operations more efficient. It’s about safety, security, and trust. IoT is enabling companies to track and record driver behaviour and analyse it in the event of a collision, for example. This encourages safer driving, but it also lowers insurance premiums.

Additionally, better global connectivity means better oversight, better risk prediction and a better ability to react to unpredictable events. So clients can trust you to securely deliver their property around the world (and back).

Better Business Intelligence

IoT devices generate vast amounts of data, depending on how their sensors are programmed.

These data feeds can be analysed, in real-time or historically, and give insights into conditions so that adjustments can be made to the equipment, usage patterns can be examined and maintenance can be scheduled.

The result? Minimised unplanned downtime, maximised uptime, reduced manual maintenance and increased productivity.


If you knew the state of every thing across your business and could make sense of the data, imagine the problems you could solve. IoT devices can be as complicated as a jet engine or as fluffy as an interactive toy. The thing that all have in common is their ability to collect and transmit data and to report their operative status. And when you know and understand the status of every connected device, sensor or application you can maximise uptime, minimise unplanned downtime, arrange proactive maintenance and increase productivity.

Creating disruptive business models and responding to unmet customer needs are critical business imperatives. With our IoT expertise and technology, businesses everywhere in every industry can harness the competitive and operative advantages that IoT has to offer.


IoT does not always require a transformation in technology, but a transformation in thinking.

It’s often less about investment and more about initiative and innovation and enhancing the technology and assets you already own.

Adding an inexpensive sensor to an asset you have owned for years, for example, gives it a voice. That same asset that provided a single service is suddenly able to provide real-time data on its condition, its performance, environmental conditions, operational issues and many other insights that you would otherwise be in the dark about.

Data Fuels Digital Transformation

When we talk about the “Internet of Things” we often focus on the devices, but what about the data?

Digital insights are a game changer for enterprises. IoT provides disruptive power from real-time business data, and this data can be generated from a multitude of dispersed and connected devices, whether they sit locally or globally, in the cloud or at its edge.

To enable insight and delivery of an improved product, service, customer experience or performance, data needs to be scrutinised, analysed and leveraged effectively and efficiently.

Every business will manage their data in different ways, but the end result is the same; the ability to solve problems and create capabilities you may not have previously explored or even thought possible.

IoT data insights can generate many outcomes:

1 - Predictive maintenance

Use predictive algorithms to gain insights on operational challenges and issues and proactively identify problems with product quality.

2 - Extend the useful life of assets

Using sensor data, businesses that have many assets dispersed across multiple locations can plan for updates and replacements with confidence, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

3 - Maximise productivity

Identify and extract valuable data to drive automation and reduce journey time.

4 - Improve safety

Track assets as they move across the globe and take proactive measures to mitigate security threats.



Automotive Case Story


TireCheck’s app helps customers monitor and manage vehicles internationally. As the company expanded, it needed a way to give large customers reliable 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity no matter where their vehicles were located.

Healthcare Case Story

Vehicle hiring company

Availability, safety and quality were key priorities for this leading vehicle hire company. Operating across diverse locations and managing a fleet of thousands of vehicles, they were keen to explore new ways to keep a precise track of their vehicle inventory and enhance driver safety.

Security Case Story

The next-generation shipping port

See how CKH IOD works with one of the busiest shipping ports in the world to help them meet their need for fast, uninterrupted connectivity.

With You For the Journey

IoT opens up a world of possibilities for your transport company, whether you want to explore new business models, deliver improved efficiencies, reduce costs or move into new markets.

No company can innovate alone. That is why we have invested in the solutions and infrastructure that will support the bright ideas, the technology breakthroughs and the quick wins.

Drive IoT faster with our expertise to unite the physical and digital worlds.

  • Build your IoT success on a world-class network and a technology foundation of established partnerships.
  • Speed the path to creation with IoT solutions that are tailored to your business and future goals.
  • Enhance innovation, operational productivity, safety, maintenance, consumables and more with end-to-end solutions that are co-created to meet your business needs.

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